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About the ‘rural policing matters’ campaign

This campaign is urging the government to maintain fair funding for rural areas, which are currently at risk of losing funding to more urban areas.

In rural areas crime is significantly under-reported.  Trust in policing is much lower than it is in urban areas, and only one third of people living or working in rural areas believe the police are responding to issues of concern to them.

On behalf of people living and working in rural communities, the National Rural Crime Network is urging the government to reconsider its proposed changes to how police forces are funded.

The Funding Formula

The ‘funding formula’ is how the Government decides which police forces get what share of the overall police budget. Not all forces get the same amount of money because they all face different challenges. It might be geography, population, the type of crime which happens in one area might not be the same as in others, and the list goes on.

At the moment, the formula used to distribute funding is very complicated, and therefore very hard to understand.  The Government want to change the ‘funding formula’ to make it simpler and more transparent.

The National Rural Crime Network wants to make sure that any new formula recognises the particular needs of rural police forces.

View the Home Office consultation document on the police funding formula