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The Network is interested in hearing from anyone with a view or contribution to make in keeping rural communities safe. Indeed, the value of this website relies on your contributions and participation, so please get involved.

‘Rural policing matters’ campaign

We want your help to tell the Government that rural crime matters, policing in rural areas is as important as it is in urban areas and funding for policing should be properly allocated to all areas, whether rural or urban.

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At present the body of research on crime in rural areas is fragmented and scattered. If you have research findings and insight to share, please complete the research template.

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Best practice, innovation and ideas are to be found across England and Wales. If you have a case study to share, please complete the case study template.

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We aim to generate debate and discussion about crime in rural areas. If you’ve got an idea for an article please complete our blog template.

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With all our submissions, we’ll respond just as soon as we can. If you need to talk more about this, you can send us a quick e-mail to, or phone us on . Alternatively, we’re available on social media: Facebook & Twitter