The National Rural Crime Network is committed to transparency and publishes all information relating to its operation, expenses and funding. The Network has agreed a Constitution and Terms of Reference that set out its mission and how it operates.

The governing body is the Executive Board, which is Chaired by Julia Mulligan, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire. In addition, the National Rural Crime Network is supported by the Rural Services Network, which provides a secretariat function that includes organising meetings, representing the Network at events and engaging with stakeholders.

North Yorkshire Police

North Yorkshire Police (NYP) administers the budget and funding for the Network, as well as providing support in submitting Home Office returns regarding funding provided by the Police Innovation Fund. NYP produces the management accounts, issue invoices and make payments under the terms of a Service Level Agreement.

Rural Services Network

The Rural Services Network (RSN) co-ordinates the activities of the National Rural Crime Network. They are contracted to provide a range of services, approved by the Home Office through the Police Innovation Fund. This includes administering the website, working with members to promote the Network and deliver its work programme, building support for the NRCN and its work throughout England and Wales.