How can we help?

The Network is here to help the public, professionals and practitioners to influence policy and practice

Our Vision…

A thriving rural community – all those who live, work or enjoy the countryside – that feels safe, understood and is secure.

Our Mission…

Based on an in depth understanding of the needs, concerns and threats to rural communities, make substantive policy and practice improvements

Our Objectives…

  1. Give rural communities a voice
  2. Act as a multi-agency think tank on rural policing and criminal justice policy and practice, to ensure the needs of rural communities and victims are better served nationally and locally
  3. Protect the rural economy by influencing and improving policy regarding rural policing and community safety, actively seeking to change legislation where necessary
  4. Become a central hub for practioners, encouraging national and regional outlets for discussions on rural crime issues between relevant rural partners, watch groups and appropriate national organisations, proactively sharing best practice
  5. Increase reporting of rural crime and wider community safety issues