New PhD research project into Rural & Wildlife Crime – appeal for information

Appeal for Information from Farmers, Police and Wildlife Crime Officers, Gamekeepers, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Charities and Land Managers.

In 2013 rural crime cost the UK £44.5 million with livestock theft at its highest level on record.

Why is rural crime increasing?

How do criminals choose where to commit rural crimes?

New research from the Department of Security and Crime Science at University College London (UCL) aims to establish if urban crime theories can explain rural crime in the UK.

The proposed research will provide Law enforcement, NGO’s, animal welfare charities and those involved in the protection of rural areas, animals and wildlife with the rural specific crime theories needed to optimally allocate resources. 

The researchers are currently inviting individuals & organizations to contribute information including:

  • Location of incidents
  • Type of incident (e.g. rustling, poaching, baiting/persecution).

All contributors will be acknowledged in the published research and invited to take part in future attitudinal surveys and pilot studies of new surveillance technology. 

If you are interested in discussing or contributing to this research, please contact Dorothea Delpech:

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