Livestock Worrying Report: Our View

The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) have today produced a new report on the barriers they face tackling attacks on livestock. This is the response of Julia Mulligan, Chair of the National Rural Crime Network:

“I’m pleased to see that the NPCC is calling for adequate laws around livestock worrying. I’ve met farmers who have raised this with me in North Yorkshire, and it is evident from the report that it’s a problem for many farmers across England and Wales.

“The findings around the number of attacks and cost makes for uncomfortable reading. It is vitally important for the impact of these attacks be fully understood and for the police to have the right tools to act upon these properly.

“On a wider note, over the next few weeks, the NRCN will be launching its second National Rural Crime Survey that will ask people to share their views on countryside crimes and the impact they have on the wider community. Since the last survey was conducted in 2015, much progress has been made, but it remains to be seen if public confidence in rural policing has improved. The findings from this survey will help to shape the future of crime prevention and rural policing, so please keep an eye out for the launch.”

You can read the report here >>