NRCN response to ‘The countryside at a crossroads’ report

The NRCN has commented on today’s report from the House of Lords Select Committee on the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006, ‘The countryside at a crossroads’.

Julia Mulligan, Chair of the National Rural Crime Network, said:

“We welcome this report from the House of Lords Select Committee which rightly identifies the particular challenges faced by rural communities.

“The National Rural Crime Network agrees with the conclusion that ‘part of the challenge of rural proofing was the need to persuade Government departments that extra expenditure was required to secure universal services in rural area’ and we believe this applies to police funding and investment in making communities feel safer.

“Rural communities also need easy access to the services which those in urban areas take for granted – from access to the criminal justice system through local courts and police forces with the resources to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

“Our National Rural Crime Survey, which will launch next month, will examine crime, and the perception of crime, for those who live and work in rural areas. It will provide more evidence about what is happening in our rural communities and help identify what is needed to ensure they get a fair deal from government and public authorities.”

Read the full Select Committee report here >>