Rural Crime Strategy – West Mercia

Integrated policing a large rural area, working with stakeholders to develop and implement a rural/business crime strategy supported by a tactical plan

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West Mercia, England
Crime Type
Cross border, Strategy
The problem
Problem: large rural area\No integrated policing solution to tackling variety of different rural issues. Action: worked with key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive rural and business crime strategy Result: Strategy in place, supported by tactical plan and driving performance.


West Mercia is a large rural area and local crime trends indicated that an integrated strategy was required, working alongside partners to more effectively tackle the issues. Following implementation results are encouraging leading to improved performance.

Identifying the problem

Huge rural area, widespread offending made tackling offenders difficult. No integrated strategy to tackle issues


Increasing crime trends – all areas acquisitive crime. No Crime prevention strategy. No materials / equipment to target offenders. Porous borders with other forces.

Legislation changes - Existing

Not Applicable

Legislation changes - New

Not Applicable


By working with partners developed a comprehensive rural and business crime strategy. Involved communities, business, cross border forces, internal statutory bodies and third sector.

The strategic plan is under pinned by a tactical plan and budgetary programme that support it and facilitate delivery across all areas


What worked

Engagement with partners to deliver it


What didn't work

Ambitious timescales to get things completed – after the plan was written – things progressed quicker than expected so some parts were taken out of order.


Problems solved – by restructuring the plan to work around the out of sync parts. These parts were then put back into the plan later.

West Mercia Police – Business Crime Strategy

West Mercia Police – Rural Crime Strategy

Lessons learnt

Plan for tactical elements sooner, put in place budget streams sooner and not change managers half way through.

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