Operation Checkpoint – Working together across the North of England to tackle rural crime

Operation Checkpoint, co-ordinated by North Yorkshire Police, is the biggest rural policing operation of its kind in the country.

Inspector Jon Grainge, North Yorkshire Police’s Rural Taskforce
North Yorkshire, England
Crime Type
Cross border
The problem
Coming together not to displace crime, but to prevent or disrupt it successfully, following up on shared intelligence prior to the event.


Operation Checkpoint is run four times every year with officers from Durham, Cleveland, Northumbria, Lancashire and Cumbria working alongside colleagues from North Yorkshire.

The focus is on cross-border and rural policing with dates set well in advance allowing for planning of resources from Police to PCSOs, volunteers to partner organisations. This gives maximum impact by allowing us to work together across our key areas.

The high-visibility police presence is designed to reassure local residents and businesses, and deter criminals attempting to target rural communities.

Volunteers are crucial to its success – they contribute expert local knowledge, and act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the police, allowing officers to respond to information and intelligence in real time.

The latest Operation Checkpoint took place from the evening of Tuesday 6 August into the early hours of Wednesday 7 August. It resulted in five arrests, mainly for traffic offences, and involved more than 120 volunteers across the North of England.

The main point of coming together in this way is not to displace crime, but that we prevent or disrupt it successfully, following up on shared intelligence prior to the event. We get a great response every time we conduct an Operation, and Officers received several really positive comments about the effort we have been putting in.

I can assure people that we will keep up the pressure, and continue to work extremely hard to keep our communities safe.

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